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JAVA is the programming language for the future and a development tool that can run on any platform e.g. (mobile apps, Windows, etc).

At present, 60-80% of software being used in Nigeria is built by foreigners and it’s not fully tailored to our environment. A Good knowledge of JAVA programming language would build local capacity and reduce capital flight in forms of forex remitted to foreign countries.

Knowledge of JAVA helps build analytical mindset.


OUR TARGET: Fresh Graduates, Youth corpers, Fresh secondary School leavers’.


1. Java 2 Enterprise Edition 6: This is a training designed to bring java programmers up to speed with web component and business component development in J2EE 6. (JSR 316) ,which entails building 3 tier modules or n-tier as enterprise applications to be deployed in a java ee 6 web container. Some of the modules involved in the training are;

  • JPA 2.0 (JSR 317): Java Persistence API : This is a high level API that's talks to the database through the persistence layer. This api reduces the complexity involved with performing database operations. JPQL is the language required to run such queries. It was created for enterprise applications but it also serves in small scale applications i.e desktop clients.
  • EJB 3.0 (JSR 220): EJB's are the middle tier in an enterprise application,it serves in separating business logic from the presentation layer. In web frameworks ,ejbs can be used in java ee 6 packaged as a library or as a package within a web application project without an xml configuration
  • JSF (JSR 314 ): This is a web framework also popularly known as faces technology is called the GuI of the web. Its main focus was on the presentation layer in the web tier. Examples of faces technology are my faces tomahawk,ice faces,primefaces ,ajax e.t.c
  • Java EE 6 (JSR 316): Here will be dealing with building applications in an application client or a client deployed in a web tier.
  • CDI (Context Dependency Injection. - JSR 299): The purpose of this specification is to unify the JSF managed bean component model with the EJB component model, resulting in a significantly simplified programming model for web-based applications.
  • Managed Bean (JSR 314): Managed Bean are components from JSF used in as a backing bean or as a controller in JSF pages.

After treating this modules

  1. A student should be able to build a high scalable applications such as banking solutions,portals for institutions, component softwares imploring oracle toplink/eclipselink high level api.
  2. Implement a web service in their application and also create one.
  3. Create Social networking Sites like Facebook using primefaces technology.
  4. Create mobile sites version of a primefaces framework.

The training would last 4weeks or extensible,and can be held consecutively.


2. Java For Low memory Constrained devices This is a training designed to bring people up to speed with developing applications for low memory constrained devices.

  • Java 2 Micro Edition: This is java mobile development using a CLDC 1.1 profiling, examples of phones in this category is the symbian j2me for nokia phones and tabs, j2me for samsung etc.
  • Java for Android: Android apps will be developed using Android SDK/api library for tabs and phones.
  • Java for Apple: Apple applications will be developed in java and converted to object c to run in apple devices such as the iphone, ipad etc.
  • Java for Blackberry: Blackberry applications will be developed in java using the Blackberry SDK for complaint blackberry devices.

NB: JSR is a java specification request with a code number at which a framework is created and used as an open source technology.


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